The following are a handful of cases about organizations that received negative press as a result of poor grant management.

These stories help to underscore the importance of grant management training and how ineffective grant management can harm your organization.

Each year thousands of nonprofits and government agencies have to provide reports and account for the monies entrusted to their organizations.

The most effective grant management approach builds systems and teams to reduce the risk of fraud, waste and abuse.

These videos highlight the potential for mismanagement in a variety of organizations.

However, any organization is susceptible to mismanagement of funds if a solid plan is not establish early in the game. 

What is your organization's game plan for managing grants effectively?

Long gone are the days of minimal reporting requirements when funders were satisfied merely with the number of people your organization served.

The same way our society has advanced is the same way your organizations' reporting and accounting of funds needs to advance.

Funders are looking for more sophisticated reporting to show that monies are being spent wisely and to understand the impact of their investment.

Too many organizations focus their attention on simply securing grants and do not pay the proper attention to maintaining the grant in accordance with the details of their agreement.

This costly mistake can lead to fines, expensive paybacks, embarrassing public relations crisis and imprisonment.

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